Decluttering Your Kitchen

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start decluttering your home. Admit it, you’ve accumulated more than you have room for. In our last blog we talked about decluttering in general. This time we want to take you a step closer to tackling a big decluttering project. 

Decluttering can seem overwhelming at first, but like most projects, once you break it down into smaller steps, it is easily manageable. It’s also refreshing. So here’s a secret. Break it down by room. Deal with one room at a time and you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Start with a checklist of items to remove. Then do it, remove them. You may need a few baskets to help you. One basket is for trash, one for recycling and another for storage. As you purge these items make sure they make it into the proper basket and then deal with the baskets without delay.

Let’s start with the kitchen.

Here’s a great checklist of items to remove:

KITCHEN Utensils you have more than one of

Cooking utensils that are half broken

Frying pans that have lost their non-stick

Discolored coffee cups

Chipped crockery of any kind

Empty bottles you’ve kept just in case you can use them – you can’t and you won’t

Almost empty cleaning products – decant into fuller ones

Cleaning cloths that are beyond rags

Storage containers and jars that you NEVER use

Fridge food past its use-by date

Freezer food that’s been in the freezer longer than six months

Pantry herbs and spices past their use-by date

Pantry jars and bags that contain food you know you’ll never use

Old containers that no longer have a lid or a lid that works

Excess plastic shopping bags you’re keeping out of guilt

Recipe books you NEVER look at

Old birthday candles that started to burn down

Takeaway cutlery for that picnic you never remember to take it on

Paper plates – see takeaway cutlery above!!

Tableware you NEVER use. Start using it or get rid!

Food supplements and vitamins that are out of date

Placemats, napkins and table linen you NEVER use

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