Decluttering After the Holidays

If you’re like most people, you have accumulated a ton of new stuff over the holidays. With the holidays being over, your new things start settling into their final places and you’re realizing that you do not have enough space for everything. Well, now that the Christmas decorations are put away, it’s time to start to declutter.

There’s nothing to dread about decluttering. It allows you to recreate your home by adding the new to the old and removing that which is no longer needed. It also helps reduce the dread of spring cleaning.

Decluttering 101 - Purge yourself of things you do not need, arrange things so they are easily accessible, and keep things in their place.

Always remember Decluttering 101. Now grab 3 baskets and let’s get started.

3 Baskets: trash, recycle, move

It’s hard to predict which of these baskets will fill up first so just get started. Trash is for items that you will throw away. These things have no use for anyone. Recycle is for items that you will either donate or sell. Move is for items that need to go somewhere else, like storage.

Once your baskets are full, deal with them immediately. Do not put them off in the corner for later. Donate what needs to be donated. Toss what needs to be tossed. And find final homes for everything that you need to keep.

Now, always remember Decluttering 101. Keep things in their places and live a clutter-free life.

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